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The scenario with black-winged kites is always the same. The bird is quite easy to photograph, but in the position in which it freezes in the air looking for prey. Well, maybe the distance could have been smaller but also this time the black-winged kite appeared in front of the lens. It would freeze above rice fields a little before the sunset and that’s how the pictures presented here were taken. Black-winged kites are relatively small predators of the Accipitridae family. They have a wingspan of up to 80 cm and their weight reaches 240 grams.
Last minute news - 2/17'- South Africa
Last minute news- 12/17' - Tanzania

Tajlandia - wykaz j.ANGIELSKI

Thailand-introductory text - Spoon-billed Sandpiper
-new galleries  ( T -text in the information in the gallery, V- voice recording, species names are links to the gallery )
1. Spoon-billed Sandpiper (T). 2.Flavescent Bulbul. 3.Chinese Pond-Heron. (T) 4. Rusty-naped Pitta.(T) 5.White-browed Scimitar-Babbler. 6.Orange-flanked Bush-Robin.(T) 7.Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler. 8.Siberian Rubythroat.(T) 9.Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush.(G) 10.White-rumped Shama. 11.Hume's Pheasant .(T) 12.Sooty-headed Bulbul. 13.Red-necked Stint. 14.Red-wattled Lapwing.(T) 15.Black-breasted Thrush. 16.Dark-sided Thrush. 17.White-bellied Redstart. 18.Hill Blue-Flycatcher. 19.Siberian Stonechat. 20.Grey Bushchat. 21.Asian Openbill.(T) 22.Little Cormorant. 23.Velvet-fronted Nuthatch.(T) 24.Streaked Wren-Babbler. 25.White-throated Kingfisher. 26.Ultramarine Flycatcher. 27.Slaty-blue Flycatcher. 28.Large Niltava. 29.Silver-eared Mesia. 30.White-capped Water-Redstart. 31.Plumbeous Water-Redstart. 32.White-tailed Robin. 33.Black-throated Prinia. 34.Brown Prinia. 35.Rufous-throated Partridge.(T) 36.Lesser Sand-Plover.(T) 37.Kentish Plover.(T) 38.Greater Sand Plover.(T) 39.White-browed Laughingthrush. 40.Mountain Bulbul. 41.Oriental White-eye. 42.Spotted Dove. 43.Paddyfield pipit. 44.Olive-backed Pipit. 45.Yellow Bittern. 46.Black-capped Bulbul. 47.Great Knot. 48. Japanese Tit. 49.Marsh Sandpiper. 50.Long-tailed Shrike. 51.Pheasant-tailed Jacana.(T) 52. Blue Whistling-Thrush.(V) 53.Banded Bay Cuckoo. 54.Gould's Sunbird.(T) 55. Emerald Dove. 56.Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher. 57.Chestnut-bellied Rock-Thrush. 58.Spot-breasted Parrotbill. 59.Blue-winged Minla. 60.Brown-cheeked Fulvetta. 61.Asian Pied Starling. 62.Yellow-browed Warbler. 63.Little Green Bee-eater.(T) 64.Streak-eared Bulbul. 65.Long-toed Stint. 66.Purple Heron.(T) 67.Grey-sided Thrush. 68.Bronze-winged Jacana.(T) 69.Zebra Dove. 70.Ashy Wood-Pigeon. 71.Giant Nuthatch.(T) 72.Indian Roller. 73.Golden-bellied Gerygone. 74.White-vented Myna. 75.Snowy-browed Flycatcher 76.Spectacled Barwing. 77.Chestnut-tailed Minla. 78.Grey-breasted Prinia. 79.Flame Minivet. 80.Rosy Minivet. 81.Grey-chinned Minivet. 82.Pacific Golden-Plover. 83.Siberian Blue Robin. 84.White-crested Laughingthrush. 85.Oriental Magpie-Robin. 86.Japanese White-eye. 87.Red Collared-Dove. 88.Buff-browed Warbler.(T) 89.Pale-legged Leaf-Warbler.(T) 90.Black-browed Reed Warbler. 91.Blyth's Leaf-warbler.(T) 92.Pallas's leaf-Warbler.(T) 93.Malaysian Pied Fantail. 94.Eyebrowed Thrush. 95.Brown Shrike. 96.Grey-backed Shrike. 97.Pied Shrike-babbler. 98.Chestnut-fronted Shrike-Babbler. 99.Black Drongo. 100.Ashy Drongo. 101.Bronzed Drongo. 102.Black-winged Cuckooshrike. 103.Brahminy Kite. 104.Black-winged Kite.(T) 105.Pied Bushchat. 106. Grey-headed flycatcher. 107.Common Tailorbird. 108.Asian Emerald Cuckoo. 109.Plaintive Cuckoo. 110.Black-capped Kingfisher. 111.White-gorgeted Flycatcher. 112. Rufous-bellied Niltava. 113.Little Spiderhunter. 114.Racket-tailed Treepie. 115.Black-collared Starling. 116.Arctic Warbler. 117.Golden-fronted Leafbird. 118.Orange-bellied Leafbird. 119.Stripe-breasted Woodpecker. 120.Grey-capped Woodpecker. 121.Lesser Whistling-Duck. 122.Chestnut-vented Nuthatch. 123.Mountain Tailorbird. 124.Greater Spotted Eagle.(T) 125.Ashy Woodswallow. 126.Blue-throated Barbet.(T) 127.Lineated Barbet.(T) 128.Coppersmith Barbet.(T) 129.Dark-backed Sibia. 130.Pallas's Grasshopper-Warbler.(T) 131.Pink-necked Green-Pigeon. 132.Oriental Reed-Warbler. 133.White-crowned Forktail. 134.Baya Weaver. 135.Maroon Oriole. 136.Black-hooded Oriole. 137.Jungle Crow. 138.Blue-tailed Bee-eater.(T)
Changes in birds galleries: 1. Curlew Sandpiper. 2.Red-whiskered Bulbul. 3.Spotted Redshank. 4.Intermediate Egret. 5.Little Egret. 6.Red-rumped Swallow. 7.Black Kite. 8.Eurasian Curlew.(T) 9.Common Myna. 10.Scaly-breasted munia 11.Blue rock -thrush. 12.Steppe Eagle.(T) 13.Black-tailed Godwit.14.Black-winged Stilt.
Reptiles-new gallery : Water Monitor.(T)
Mammals-new galleries : 1.Dusky Leaf Monkey. 2.Rhesus Macaque. 3.Siberian Chipmunk.
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RPA -język angielski

Republic of South Africa - introductory text - Livingstone's turaco
Birds-new galleries:
1.Livingstone's turaco(T,V),2.Red-billed oxpecker(T,V).3.Long-tailed widowbird (T,V),4.Cape Glossy-Starling.5.Grosbeak Weaver (T,V).6.Trumpeter Hornbill (T,V),7.Fork-tailed Drongo.8.Rufous-chested Swallow (T).9.Reed Cormorant.10. Burchell's Coucal (T,V).11.Water Thick-knee (T).12.Spotted Thick-knee (T).13.African Swamphen.14. Great White Pelican.15.African Pied Wagtail (T,V).16.Crested Guineafowl (V).17.Three-banded Plover (T).18.White-fronted Plover (T).19.Pin-tailed Whydah.20.Southern Red Bishop (T,V).21.Tawny-flanked Prinia.22.Forest Weaver (T).23.Cape Weaver (T).24.Bald ibis (T). 25.African Fish Eagle,26.Dark-capped Bulbul,27.Sombre Greenbul,28.African Pied Starling,29.Black-bellied Glossy-Starling,30.Woolly-necked Stork (T).31.Blacksmith Lapwing,32.Black-headed Heron,33.Goliath Heron (T),34.Red-winged Starling,35.Yellow-billed Stork (T).36.Blue Bustard (T).37.White-faced Whistling Duck,38.Perrin's Bushshrike (V),39.Natal Francolin (T),40.Speckled Pigeon,41.Lesser Striped-Swallow, 42.Greater Striped-Swallow(V),43.Yellow-billed Duck,44.Yellow-billed Kite,45.South African Shelduck (V),46.African Stonechat,47.Cape Canary,48.Black Cuckooshrike,49.Grey Crowned-Crane (T),50.Blue Crane (T),51.Crowned Hornbill (T),52.Wahlberg's Eagle,53. Palm-nut Vulture,54.Pied Kingfisher,55.Hamerkop,56.Orange River white-eye,57.Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove,58.Southern Black-Flycatcher,59.Malachite Sunbird,60.Black-backed Puffback,61.African Golden-Weaver,62.African Jacana (V),63.African harrier-hawk.64.African Firefinch,65.Crested Barbet,66.Wailing Cisticola,67.Brown-crowned Tchagra,68.Black-winged Lapwing,69.Wattled Lapwing,70.Black Heron,71.Red-faced Mousebird,72.Speckled Mousebird,73. African Hoopoe,74.Bokmakierie Bushshrike,75.Crested Francolin (T),76.Brown Snake-Eagle,77.Spur-winged Goose,78.Gray Go-away-bird, 79.Sacred Ibis(T,V),80.Wire-tailed Swallow,81.Rufous-necked Wryneck,82.Brown-hooded Kingfisher,83.Woodland Kingfisher,84.Striped Kingfisher,85.Red-knobbed Coot,86.Blue-cheeked Bee-eater(T),87.Little Bee-eater (T),88.African Darter,89.Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill (T,V),90.Kittlitz's plover (T),91.Caspian Tern,92.White-backed Vulture,93.Red-billed Teal, 94.Purple-crested Turaco (V),95.Red-billed Quelea,96.African Yellow White-eye,97.Black-collared Barbet,98.Mocking Cliff-Chat,99.Southern Anteater-Chat,100.African Paradise-Flycatcher,101.Ring-necked Dove,102.Golden-breasted Bunting,103.Yellow-crowned Bishop,104.Yellow-throated Petronia, 105.Yellow-bellied Greenbul,106.Rattling Cisticola (V).107.White-throated Swallow.108.Red-eyed Dove.109.White-eared Barbet. 110. Plain Martin,111.Banded Martin,112.Red-backed Scrub-Robin (V),113.Southern Fiscal,114.Gray-winged Francolin (T),115.Acacia Pied Barbet,116.Glossy Ibis (T),117.Buff-streaked Bushchat,118.African Openbill (T),119.Chinspot Batis,120. Bateleur (T),121.Dideric Cuckoo,122.Yellow-fronted Canary,123.Malachite Kingfisher,124.Scarlet-chested Sunbird,125.Orange-throated Longclaw,126.Yellow-throated Longclaw,127.African Green-Pigeon,128.Cape Bunting,129.Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird,130.Variable Indigobird,131.Fan-tailed Widowbird,132.Orange Weaver,133.Long-crested Eagle,134.Cape Crow (V),135.Southern Gray-headed Sparrow,136.Cape Sparrow,137. Helmed Guineafowl.138.Green-backed Camaroptera.139.Violet-backed Starling.140 Black-bellied Glossy-Starling.
MAMMALS NEW GALLERIES: 1.Northern giraffe.2.Mountain zebra.3.Nyala.4.White rhinoceros.5.Chacma baboon.6.African Buffalo.7.Wildebeests.8.Common warthog.9.Waterbuck.10. Bushbuck.11.Vervet monkey.12.Egyptian mongoose.13.Impala.
REPTILIES - NEV GALLERIES: 1.Nile crocodile.2.Leopard tortoise.3.Serrated Hinged Terrapin.4.Flap-necked chameleon.
INSECT : 1. Elegant Grasshopper. 2.Plum dung beetle, and changes in the gallery of butterflies, odonata and other insects.
CHANGES IN BIRDS GALLERIES : 1.European roller (T).2 Black-winged kite.3.Amur falcon (T).4.Egyptian goose(T).5.Red-backed shrike (T).6.Hadeda ibis (T).7.Llittle egret.8.Cattle egret.9.Barn swallow.10.Squacco heron.11.Zitting cisticola (T).12.Common moorhen.13. Steppe buzzard (T).14.Sanderling (T ).15.Purple heron.16.European Bee-eater.17.Common tern. 18.Laughing Dove.19.White stork.
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TANZANIA- j.angielski

TANZANIA XII/17’- introductory text- Kori Bustard.

1. Kori Bustard (T). 2. Secretary-bird (T). 3. Rüppell's Vulture (T). 4. Red-billed Firefinch (V). 5. Yellow-necked Spurfowl (T). 6. White-bellied Bustard (V). 7. Blue-capped Cordonbleu. 8. Von der Decken's Hornbill (V). 9. Eastern Double-collared Sunbird (T,V) 10. Yellow-collared Lovebird (T,V). 11.Lappet-faced Vulture (T). 12. Superb Starling. 13. Pallid Harrier (T). 14.Common Ostrich. 15.Silvery-cheeked Hornbill. 16. Crowned Lapwing (V). 17.White-necked Raven (T). 18.Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse (T).19.Double-banded Courser. 20. Gray-headed Silverbill. 21.Cape Teal. 22. Augur Buzzard. 23. Marabou Stork (T). 24. Red-and-yellow Barbet. 25.Red-necked Francolin (T). 26. Cape Robin-Chat (T,V ). 27.Yellow-billed Oxpecker. 28.Greater Flamingo (T). 29. Lesser Flamingo (T,V ) 30.Tawny Eagle. 31.Southern Ground-Hornbill. 32.Yellow-bellied Waxbill (V). 33.White-headed Buffalo-Weaver (V). 34.Hildebrandt's Starling (V). 35. Nubian Woodpecker. 36.Capped Wheatear. 37.African Spoonbill. 38.White-browed Sparrow-Weaver (V). 39. African Silverbill. 40.Verreaux's Eagle-Owl. 41. Rufous-crowned Roller. 42.Fischer's Sparrow-Lark. 43.Gray-breasted Francolin (T,V). 44.Hildebrandt's Francolin (T). 45.Yellow-throated Sandgrouse (T). 46.Golden-winged Sunbird (T,V). 47.Northern Red-billed Hornbill (V). 48.Black-breasted Snake-Eagle. 49.African Gray Hornbill. 50. Pied Crow (V). 51. Kenya Rufous Sparrow. 52.Collared Pratincole. 53.Purple Grenadier. 54.Senegal Lapwing. 55.Usambiro Barbet (V). 56. Bronze Sunbird. 57.Coqui Francolin (T). 58. White-browed Robin-Chat (V). 59.Three-banded Courser. 60. Gray-headed Social-Weaver. 61. Hooded Vulture (T). 62. Rufous-tailed Weaver (V). 63.Pygmy Falcon. 64. White-browed Coucal. 65.White-throated Bee-eater. 66.Handsome Francolin (T). 67.Long-toed Lapwing. 68. Fischer's Lovebird  (T,V) 69.Speckle-fronted Weaver. 70. Slender-tailed Nightjar (T). 71. Rosy-throated Longclaw. 72. Buff-crested Bustard. 73. Grey-headed Kingfisher. 74.Brown-backed Woodpecker (T). 75.Black-faced Sandgrouse (T). 76.Spotted Morning-Thrush. 77. Green-winged Pytilia. 78.Common Waxbill. 79.Heuglin's white-eye (T). 80.Red-fronted Barbet. 81.Red-cheeked Cordonbleu. 82. Namaqua Dove. 83. Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater. 84.Montagu's Harrier (T). 85. Schalow's Turaco (V). 86. White-rumped Shrike. 87.Garden Bulbul (V). 88. Streaky Seedeater (T). 89. Dark Chanting-Goshawk. 90. Ashy Starling. 91.Thick-billed Seedeater. 92.Gray-backed Fiscal (V). 93. Magpie Shrike (V). 94.Rueppell's Starling. 95. Gull-billed Tern. 96. Mourning Collared-Dove. 97. African Pipit. 98. White-bellied Go-away-bird (V). 99.Mariqua Sunbird. 100. Short-tailed Lark. 101.Black-bellied Bustard (V). 102. Cinnamon Bracken-Warbler (T,V).103. Dusky Turtle-Dove. 104.Beautiful Sunbird. 105. Abyssinian Scimitar-bill. 106. Blue-naped Mousebird. 107.Martial Eagle (T). 108.Black Crake. 109. Pink-backed Pelican. 110. Red-capped Lark. 111. Lesser Masked-Weaver. 112. Baglafecht Weaver. 113.Knob-billed Duck. 114.Ovampo Sparrowhawk. 115.Rufous-naped lark (V). 116.Winding Cisticola (V). 117. Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver. 118.Ethiopian Boubou (T). 119.White-breasted Cormorant. 120.Little Sparrowhawk.121.Red-collared Widowbird. 122.Grey-hooded Gull. 123.Great Spotted Cuckaoo. 124.Silverbird. 125.Gray Kestrel. 126.Hottentot Teal. 127.Black-lored Babbler. 128.Vitelline Masked-Weaver. 129. Black-necked Weaver. 130.Chestnut Sparrow.131. Schalow's Wheatear. 132.Mountain Thrush (T). 133.Eastern Chanting-Goshawk (V). 134.Mountain-Greenbul (T). 135. Ashy Flycatcher. 136. White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher. 137. Abdim's Stork. 138.Long-tailed Fiscal. 139. African Dusky Flycatcher.  140.Tanzanian Red-billed Hornbill. 141.Lilac-breasted Roller.142.Arrow-marked Babbler.
1. African savanna elephant (T). 2. Leopard (T). 3.Lion (T). 4. Yellow baboon (V). 5. Black-backed jackal. 6. Cheetah (T). 7.Spotted hyena (V). 8.Grant's zebra (V). 9. Günther's dik-dik  10. Hartebeest. 11.Common hippopotamus (V).12.Common eland. 13.Blue wildebeest. 14. Blue monkey. 15.Rock hyrax. 16. Bat-eared fox. 17. Grant's gazelle. 18.Bohor reedbuck. 19.Sassaby.  20.African golden wolf. 21.Common dwarf mongoose. 22.Bushy-tailed Mongoose. 23.Thomson's gazelle. 
1. Savannah monitor. 2. Mwanza flat-headed rock.  3. Southern Long Tailed Lizard.  
1. White-b
acked Vulture (V). 2.Long-crested Eagle (V). 3. Black-headed Heron. 4.Red-billed Oxpecker (T). 5. Helmeted Guineafowl (T,V). 6. Little Bee-eater. 7. Blacksmith Lapwing. 8. African Jacana.  9.African Paradise-Flycatcher (V). 10. Yellow-billed Kite (T). 11.Palm-nut Vulture. 12.Spur-winged Goose. 13. Bateleur.14. Little Egret (V). 15. Brown Snake-Eagle. 16.Glossy Ibis (T). 17. Brown-crowned Tchagra. 18. Chinspot Batis. 19. African Hoopoe (T,V) 20.Spotted Thick-knee. 21. Sacred Ibis. 22. Black-winged Lapwing. 23.Water Thick-knee. 24. Gray Crowned-Crane. 25. Red-billed Quelea.26. Fork-tailed Drongo.27. Speckled Pigeon. 28.Wahlberg's Eagle.  29.Three-banded Plover. 30. Kittlitz's plover. 31.Wattled Lapwing. 32.Steppe Eagle. 33.Grosbeak Weaver. 34.Yellow-fronted Canary. 35. Squacco Heron. 36.Goliath Heron. 37.European Roller. 38. Cattle Egret. 39. Yellow-billed Stork. 40. Woodland Kingfisher. 41.Lesser Striped-Swallow.42. Great White Pelican. 43. Speckled Mousebird. 44.Red-winged Starling (V). 45.Red-rumped Swallow (V).46. Pied Avocet. 47. African Stonechat. 48.Ring-necked Dove. 49. Hamerkop (V). 50. White Stork (T). 51.African Openbill. 52.Black-winged Stilt. 53. Striped Kingfisher. 54. Pin-tailed Whydah. 55. Southern Fiscal. 56.Black-crowned Night Heron. 57.Black-winged Kite. 58. African Firefinch. 59. Marsh Sandpiper. 60. Laughing Dove. 61. Red-billed Teal. 62.Crested Francolin (T) 63.White-browed Scrub Robin. 64. Striated Heron. 65.White-faced Whistling Duck.  66. Spur-winged lapwing (T,V).
MAMMALS: 1. African buffalo. 2. Northern giraffe. 3. Common warthog. 4.Impala. 5. Waterbuck. 6. Egyptian mongoose.
1. Nile crocodile. 2. Flap-necked chameleon. 3. Leopard tortoise.

Tanzania - slideshow

Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus
Elanus caeruleus